Yak Stack

Here is the Yak Stack story:

Evolution of Yak Stack:
Earl Johnston along with Ervin Gross and Ed Ross Smith created the Yak Stack, one of the first column/line array speaker for dancing, and today is still a leader in column speakers for Square/Round Dancing.

Over the years many versions of the Yak Stack have been around. Remember the cinch jones plugs, cloth front covers, audio plugs in the way of the speaker stand? Many owners of the Yak Stack name over the years have made their own mark on Yak Stack. Ervin Gross, Gary Johnson, Tom Dillander and most recently Paul Cote of Hilton Audio Products.

My name is Scott Bennett and I am very interested in bringing the sound and look of Yak Stack to a new level, by bringing some innovations to the Yak Stack name and to our activity!
You can read my release statement about Yak Stack here!

Be on the lookout for some new ideas for the future of Yak Stack! Here are some changes:

Visual Change:
New "granite" look!

Acoustical Changes:
New “clearer/cleaner” sound with a “wider range” (especially in the lower frequencies) with additional “tonal tuning” tuned by using proven mathematical formulas for weight of dampening materials based on volume of airspace. These adjustments were verified using spectral analysis, aural evaluation and sound pressure level tests. Audio and data samples were also evaluated by a professional sound engineer!

The new speaker elements have some decibel reductions in the 150 Hz to 500 Hz frequency range reducing some of the "muddy" area of sound and also cut around the 800 Hz to 1.5 kHz removing the "honky" attack of sound providing a rounder tone to the voice. I believe that with just a little time you will find that the music sounds much better and the voice will need a little less bass added to the tone (older Yaks were very bright). Because of the the frequency cuts in the area of your vocal range your volume level will have to be increased to make you stand out in the mix.

Getting Yak Stack Speakers:
If you would like a Yak Stack or other Yak related items, please contact me by phone or email for a quote.

Yak Stack Hookup Help and sound tips:
Hookup Help
Sound Tips

Ervin Gross article about how to use Yak Stack!
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